Hudson Catholic student offered

scholarship to Villanova

Article from The Catholic Advocate Back to School September 12, 2018

Jonathan Marte (center) with his family and President/Principal of Hudson Catholic Richard Garibell (right)

JERSEY CITY—Jonathan Marte, a junior at Hudson Catholic Regional

High School, has been selected as an O’Toole Family Presidential

Scholarship recipient. The scholarship committee selected Marte

from several hundred applicants to receive the prestigious honor, which

includes full tuition and room and board at Villanova University.

The O’Toole Family Presidential Scholarship fund was created to ensure

that a Villanova education is economically accessible for students who

demonstrate academic achievement, leadership ability and a potential

for future development.

Marte described the application process as rigorous, but said he enjoyed

the challenge. “The most difficult part was the essay because it

asked a very simple question that required a lot of thinking and creativity

so that the reader got to know me in a few short paragraphs,” he said.

Applicants also had to submit letters of recommendation and were

interviewed twice. When asked what inspired him to apply and what

motivates him, Marte described the positive impact his older sister has

had on his life. “She had half the things I do growing up, but she made

something of herself, so I strive to be as exceptional as her.”

Over the summer, Marte participated in several programs at Villanova

University to further prepare him for college. He also plans to take

several college courses at St. Peter’s University through the Accelerated

College Experience program, and he will work to maintain his 95 GPA

in honors and AP courses at Hudson Catholic this school year.

Marte’s uncle Juan Franco said he is not surprised by his nephew’s

busy schedule. “We always knew that Jonathan would do great things.

When he focuses on something, he never stops working for it. We are

just very proud of him,” he noted.