The over 325 “Sons and Daughters of the Black and Gold” turned out for a joyous celebration this past Saturday night at the 50th Anniversary Gala. Among the guests were current and former lay faculty and of course our Brothers, front and center in the celebration.

In this photo we have three of the “founding Brothers” who were¬† at 790 Bergen Ave. Can you guess which ones they are. Hint they were with us in 1965 when the school moved into the new buildings from its home at St. Patrick’s Grammar School, in 1964.
Our Christian Brothers V2

Father Larry, Br. Kevin Stanton, Axillary Bishop Thomas Donato, Br. Tim and Br. Mike Kramer

Br Tim and Mike and Kevin

And a very welcome “new” addition to the Hawk family, Archbishop Bernard Hebda sitting along side his and our former principal Br. Luke Maher along with Br. Charles Barbush and Br. Patrick King.

Charles Bernie Luke Pat

Please use the following link below to view all of the great photos that Jim Salzano, ’69 took at the 50th Anniversary Gala celebration.


  1. Carl Russo

    Just wanted to say thank you to all who helped to make the gala a success. Nancy and I had a good time. It wast nice to see everyone and renew old friendships.

    Carl Russo 68

  2. When it came to choosing a high school, I was fortunate enough to have gone to Hudson Catholic. I will regard it as one of the turning points in my life. I chose the road not taken – – – and that made all the difference. I regret that I was not able to attend the gala- – I was attending a charity event that week for UNICEF and was not able to attend. I owe and I woe at the same time. I OWE my life as a professional and the inspiration to be in the constant pursuit of knowledge to my life as a student at Hudson Catholic. I also have a word of WOE. Woe to those out there that DID NOT go to Hudson Catholic because the HAWKS are the toughest, strongest, smartest, sharpest, and wisest people in the world today – – – SO WATCH OUT!!
    Every month of May I PRAY for the NON – HAWKS out there that must run in fear of the newly graduated hawks which leave the nest and take FLIGHT.
    Since I was not at the GALA i would like to give a shout to my all time favorite teacher at HUDSON – – – BROTHER Patrick King – – He probably does not remember the simple words of advice he gave me one day in the hallways of the school. He told me that it isnt always the smartest people that have great success, but the hardest working with the purest of hearts and the ability to “get a grip and go for it”
    I am 42 years old now. so – – – -I am either at the end of an unhealthy life or in the middle of a healthy life – – – I wont know until the very end – – – so I will get back to you on that point BUT – – This is the school I want to send my children to. There is no doubt NO DOUBT – – whatsoever that Hudson Catholic was – is — and will FOREVER be the greatest school – – – PERIOD.
    I have 2 bachelors of science degrees (magna CUM LAUDE) and an MBA from Florida State – – I am also a real estate broker and the owner of a very large company in NJ. ALL OF THIS FROM A catholic education that was SECOND TO NONE.

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